Health & Safety - Do I need a DSE Assessment?

All staff should complete the on-line DSE risk assessment once their new PlymDesk6 equipment is set-up.

Users of Display Screen Equipment should complete the on-line risk assessment checklist at


-      Receiving a new computer/laptop and/or screen

-      A change occurs in the work environment such as moving to a different office and/or desk

The local Safety Co-ordinator will have access to completed checklists in their area of responsibility but it will be up to local budget holder to action where necessary.  The local Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for sending summary DSE reports to the appropriate budget holder.
Information on obtaining peripheral equipment can be found here: How can I get extra "bits" for my leased fleet computer?
Click here to view the DSE Code of Practice document

Please note: there is a mandatory Health and Safety E-learning course for all staff which includes DSE.  If, as a result of completing the DSE course, you need to have a Display Screen Equipment Assessment, contact for advice.