Teaching, Learning Technology and Research

Service Category: Teaching, Learning Technology and Research




Service Description

Digital Learning Environment Services (DLE Student Portal)


 The Digital Learning Environment is a hosted solution (at ULCC - University of London Computer Centre) that utilises and aggregates data from other services. These Services are existing University systems such as the Student Record System. 

Online Training Services


 Online access to a range of IT Training courses provided by TIS and via Lynda.com which is an on-line training library. Online training is available 24/7 to students and staff members and provides support material including a wide range of tutorials dedicated to specific skills, subject areas and software.


E-Portfolio Services


 The university provides a web-based service solution to collate your portfolio and personal learning record.

Research Data Services


 Provision of data storage, indexing and retrieval for the Research community.

Library Services


 Systems to provide management of, access to and support of Library Resources and TIS systems, both physical and electronic including physical library access systems