Software licencing


All software may only be used if there is an appropriate licence for the computer on which it is being used.

It is very important that all software used within the University (and indeed on your home systems) is used in accordance with licence conditions associated with the software package. If you are uncertain, then please contact the TIS Service Desk for advice:


Tel: 01752 588588 (internal 88588)
Licences essentially are permission from the creators of the software for use of their intellectual property and copyrighted material. 

Software Licences vary significantly depending on the licence or product and volume purchased. Smaller volumes or single pieces of software purchased as individual units restrict the use of it to a single identifiable machine within the University. Other software agreements supplement this with terms that it must only be used in certain site locations (e.g. University School, laboratory or site). It should be noted that most software licences prohibit the copying of software under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988. 

Subscription and Site Licences will generally follow the above. In addition to this they sometimes specify a number of users or devices, or alternatively a specific site may use the software either concurrently or a maximum number of users at any time.

Violations of copyright are legally punishable. Matters of infringement are treated seriously by the authorities and under no circumstances may the use of illegal software or copying be justified. Penalties for violation of these agreements are criminal liability, unlimited fines and imprisonment.