Staff Guidance when leaving the University

Computing accounts

A list of leavers is supplied by HR each week; accounts are normally disabled from logging in to computers and services midweek following the leaving date.  Once the account is disabled, all associated groups and job details are removed.

The account is then disabled for 3 months to enable the user to apply an out-of-office message indicating that they no longer work for the University of Plymouth, and supply alternate contacts. We can also quickly temporarily enable the account if access to data is required within the 3 month timeframe.

External email can be redirected for 3 months whilst the account is disabled; this is offered by HR in the leaver’s letter.

After 3 months, the account may be removed and data deleted.  Details are kept internally for audit purposes.

Discretionary accounts may be applicable to leavers with an on-going role affiliated to the university; details on these accounts can be found here

Information on redirecting email can be found here

PlymDesk/PlymMac Equipment:

Where a device has been provided by the University or one of its partners to a user for their work (note; this includes hardware purchased from project/research funding), when this device is no longer required it must be returned to the Technology and Information Services (TIS) Service Desk in its original state; for example, if the computer has been set up with personal credentials (as opposed to University issued credentials) these must either be provided or removed prior to the return of this device.

To arrange to return your equipment, please follow these steps:
1.    Download and complete a PC move form from
a.    The return location should be set to Babbage 016
2.    Access
3.    Click on ‘Raise A Request’
4.    Search for and select ‘Remove Equipment’
5.    Complete all of the information requested
6.    Attach the completed move form
7.    Click submit

Mobile Phones

Any University provided mobile phones will need to be returned to Technology and Information Services. Before returning any mobile phone you will need to ensure the device has been reset.  Please note however that if you have been issued with an iPhone, the phone must be unlinked from your apple ID prior to returning.  Instructions on how to do this are located below.

Instructions on how to unlink your Apple ID:

•    How to reset an iPhone -
•    How to reset an Android device -

To return the phone, please either drop the phone off or sent via the internal post to the Babbage Building, Room 316. Alternatively please raise a ‘Remove Equipment’ request as per the steps listed:

1.    Load a web browser on your computer, go to
2.    Click on ‘Raise A Request’
3.    Search for and select ‘Remove Equipment’
4.    Complete all of the information requested for the return of the mobile phone.
5.    Click the 'Submit' button.

For further guidance on leaving the University, please refer to the HR pages here

Should you have any queries relating to this please contact the IT Service Desk via the self-service portal or phone 01752 (5)88588.

OneDrive For Business and Office 365 Applications

You will lose access to Office 365 applications including OneDrive for business up to 3 months after you leave.

Please ensure that you copy any personal data from the University of Plymouth provided OneDrive for business before the account is closed. (either save personal data to a personal device, or migrate to another solution such as Google Drive).

Please note, we are not able to restore data from the OneDrive after your account is closed.

If you have installed Office 365 on any personal devices, the software will also deactivate. If you wish to continue using the Office applications on personal devices you will either need to purchase a home/family Office 365 license, or remove the software from your personal device.

Please note, no support is offered for personal devices.

 Adobe Creative Cloud (Work At Home)

 Any members of staff leaving the university that use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on their home computer will have their Adobe Account closed within 3 months of leaving the university. 

This will stop the software installed on any personal devices from working.  If you wish to continue using Adobe Creative Cloud applications on a personal device, please purchase a license from Adobe.  If you no longer need the software, please remove it from your personal device.

 Please note, no support is offered for personal devices.