One Drive for Business (Data Missing)

This is a Temporary Article advising regarding missing files on Microsoft One Drive for Business.


Q. I have logged into one drive, and all my data is still there – should I be concerned?

A. No – the issue only affects a very small subset of users – please continue to use One drive for business for University business.

Q. I have logged into one drive and some files are gone – what should I do?

A. Open a Web Browser, and go to

Once logged in, click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ and a list of deleted folders/files will be listed – right click on a folder/file you wish to restore and choose the ‘restore’ option.

Q. I have logged into one drive, and some files are gone, I have checked the recycled bin and the files are not listed

A. Within the Recycle bin as described above, click the ‘Second-stage Recycle bin’ link. Any files that can be recovered will be listed here- follow the same restore instructions as above.

Q. I have logged into One drive, files are gone, and I have checked both the Recycle Bin and Second Stage Recycle Bin.

A. If Urgent, please phone the service desk on 01752 588588 to report the missing files. If less urgent, please raise a new support ticket via the itself service portal:

We will carry out file recovery from One Drive server.  Please note that it is only possible to recover data that was deleted 30 days (or less) ago.

Q. Does this issue also affect Team sites / SharePoint?

A. No, we are not aware of any issues with Team Sites / SharePoint.