British Standards Online

Accessing British Standards at Plymouth University

We have access to a select number of British/European/International standards online.

Please note: We do not hold the full collection of standards.

There are 2 resources you can search depending on the subject of the standard.

  1. British Standards Online
  2. Construction Information Service (CIS) – for all construction related standards

Both should be accessed either from Primo or the engineering library guide to gain the correct access. From Primo choose Databases > B for British Standards or > C for Construction Information Service.

1. British Standards Online (BSOL)

BSOL includes European and international standards together with British Standards and our subscription entitles us to view and download a select number of standards.

If the standard is included in our subscription you will have the option to download the pdf.

2. Construction Information Service (CIS) – use this to access all standards relating to the area of construction including civil engineering standards.

Click on View product to access the CIS:
If you can’t find what you are looking for from either CIS or BSOL please email with as much information as possible.