e-portfolios and PebblePad

e-portfolios and PebblePad

PebblePad is an electronic portfolio system designed to support staff and students in their personal development.  It is completely web-based and works by providing you with a flexible way to plan, record and reflect on your learning.

Your PebblePad account is personally managed by you.  You can use it to create records of your learning, experiences and achievements in order to evidence the growth of your knowledge and skills.  You can easily share your learning 'assets' with employers, tutors and peers, internal and external to the university, and invite comment and collaboration.

How to access your PebblePad account

You can access your PebblePad account by going to http://e-portfolio.plymouth.ac.uk/ and entering your university username & password. Alternatively, you can go via https://dle.plymouth.ac.uk/ and choosing 'My e-Portfolio' from the Tools/Resources drop down menu. 

Student Help

  • Help on using PebblePad can be found here in the DLE (under Help > Student Materials).
  • Students can find any Faculty specific guidance, FAQs and other help under the Faculty Specific section.
  • General help can be found here or by clicking on the question mark button at top right when in PebblePad.

Nursing students who are returning to their course after a period of interruption may not see the correct workbook in their Resources or Assets. If this is the case, you will need to contact ASTI (asti@plymouth.ac.uk) on behalf of the student.


Accessing your e-portfolio when you leave the University

If you are about to graduate or leave the University, you are entitled to a free Personal Pebble+Account for life.  This is provided so that you can take your PebblePad assets with you and continue to use PebblePad to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career.

More information can be found from their website.  On the left hand menu click: Tools & Resources then Personal Account. 

Staff Help 

Staff help for PebblePad can be found here. If you are needing further assistance please contact asti@plymouth.ac.uk.