VPN setup on an iPad or iPhone

The latest version of Apple iOS is not compatible with the historic version of the VPN service offered by the University.

You will need to download the FortiClient app (made by Fortinet) from the Apple Apps store.

Please use this application to access the VPN service from your mobile Apple device.

Once you have installed the app you will need to enter the following information:


  • You will need to allow the app to make changes to your VPN settings
  • You will need to add a configuration within the app, this should be as follows:
    • Name: Plymouth University
    • Host: vpn.plymouth.ac.uk
    • Port: 443
    • User will be your University username
    • Password will be your University password.  Please note that this may need updating in the future.
You will now be able to connect to the University VPN.  This can be done within the app (with the VPN slider).  Please note that you should not try to connect the VPN from within the main Settings menu as this is not supported.