1. Contacts
1.1. Viewing your contacts list


In Outlook go to ...

  • Tools
  • Account Settings
  • Address Books 
  • New
  • Additional address books
  • Next
  • Select Outlook Address book
  • Next

Exit Outlook

Go back into Outlook (You need to do this for each folder you wish to see)

From the Folder list (View > Folder list) right click on your Contacts Folder, choose Properties, select the Outlook Address Book Tab, tick beside Show this folder as an email address book.

This should allow Contacts to be viewed in the drop down menu in the address book



1.2. Exporting Contacts or folders
   Q:   How do I export my Outlook contacts list or other folder ?


You must first highlight the folder to export by selecting it in the folder list.

This could be your contacts, notes or calendar for instance:

  • go to File/Import and Export in the menu and choose Export to a file, click Next
  • select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and then Next
  • confirm that you have selected the correct folder and browse to the location where you wish to save the exported folder then click OK
  • click Finish to confirm the operation.