1. Calendars
1.1. Calendar 12 month display
   Q:   How do I make my calendar display 12 months ?


In Outlook, go to Tools/Options in the menu then click the Calendar Options button. In the Calendar Options window click on Free/Busy Options, then Other Free/Busy.... and type 12 in the Publish box.

Click OK to close each window.

1.2. What is the group option for in Outlook calendars
Q. What is the group option for in Outlook calendars?
A. You can create a new group and moved shared calendars to that group to keep organised & easier to manage if you have several shared calendars to work with.

To create a group:

1. In Calendar view, choose the Home tab & Calendar Group.
2. Click Create New Calendar Group and type a name for the group.
3. Search for the names of the people whose calendars you want to add to your group. Then from the Search results, add selected names one-by-one to the Group Members list at the bottom of the dialogue box.
4. Click OK to confirm.