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Library Fines Exceptions Policy

Library Fines Exceptions Policy

Please contact us to discuss waiving fines. Fines will normally be waived in line with the circumstances below.

 Circumstances normally accepted

 Personal Circumstance

 Notes/evidence required

 Medical exemption

 Users should provide a medical certificate covering the 
 relevant dates, (registered disabled students may         
 provide evidence from DAS if applicable).


 No formal evidence required

 Exceptional personal circumstances or  family issues

 Users are requested to provide confirmation from their

 Serious and unforeseeable transport or
 weather related difficulties

 Waivers in these circumstances will not apply to those
 living in Plymouth

 University system error
 No evidence required

 Circumstances not normally accepted

 Personal Circumstance


 User didn’t realise/ forgot to check emails/  didn’t check library account

 Users are encouraged at all times to check emails and  library account regularly

 User is away from campus, at a
 conference, on placement, or on business
 related to their work/studies

 Users are expected to make arrangements prior to  going away on planned absences from the  University

 User lives at a distance

 Users living at a distance can use the Postal Loans  system

 International students at home during

 Users are expected to prepare beforehand and we
 advise that library items should not be taken out of the

 User has been on holiday

 Users are expected to make prior arrangements prior
 to going away on holiday

 Students with disabilities

 Waivers will only be applied if a medical certificate
 supplied, or individual circumstances have been
 confirmed through Disability Assist.

 Temporary loss of access to email/internet
 (including work place restrictions on
 access to email)

 Users are expected to make alternative arrangements  to access email

 Items stolen or damaged while at home

 Users are advised to claim compensation for the
 charges incurred via their insurance policy

 Email reminders are not received

 All automated notices are itemised on your library
 account.  Unless we cannot find a trace of a notice on
 your account then a waiver will not apply.
 All emails are sent to your University email address

 User has lent the item to someone
 else/someone else has used their card to
 borrow the item

 Users are responsible for all items loaned on their
 account and should not loan their University or Library
 card to anyone else as they will be liable for all loans
 and charges
Modified 26/06/2019