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Installing software
   Q:   Can I update or install software on a PC ?


Overnight updates are pushed out to each staff and student PC to keep many of the software applications up-to-date.

These updates may be bug fixes, security patches, product enhancements or, as in the case of virus protection, new data files. PCs need to be switched on for this to happen.

As a member of staff, you have certain privileges to install software and pull down new or updated versions of University software onto the PC:

  • Click on Start/Control Panel/Run Advertised programs
  • Double-click the icon and select the appropriate package in the window that appears then press the Run button
  • Follow the instructions that are shown by the installation wizard - you may need to reboot your PC at the end of the process
  • Repeat this process if there is another program to install or update

Please note: Users have the ability to download software from different sources, especially from websites. This may be to load onto the desktop for use during one session (as in the case of student PCs) or permanently (as in the case of staff PCs). You should be aware of the impact this may have on other programs and of the University’s rules, regulations and guidance notes, parts of which are quoted below:

General Rules:

Rule 11 "Users must only use hardware and software authorised by  the University ........”

Email/Internet Rules:

Rule 16 "Users must not use University facilities to take part in on-line, real-time or instant messaging services except those provided by the University or authorised by the appropriate authorities.

Rule 17 "The downloading, installation or use of any unapproved software is prohibited unless previously agreed by the appropriate authorities. This includes freeware, peer-to-peer and shareware or any other publicly distributed software"

Accompanying Guidance Notes:

Rule 16 “states that on-line, real-time and instant messenger services use a large amount of network resource. Applications such as Napster, IRC, ICQ, Gnutella, Winamp, MSN, AIM and others can significantly affect the performance and disrupt service to all users. The facilities provided by the University are tailored to minimise disruption. The appropriate authorities will only approve real-time applications that do  not have a significant impact on services. See also rule nine of the general rules of use".

Rule 17 "is a re-statement of the General Rule 11. The internet offers a large pool of “freeware” and “shareware” software; however, just because software is free does not imply that it will be approved for installation. Arrangements must be made with the appropriate authorities to check that it works and that it will not prevent other software from working, before it can be considered for approval".

If in doubt, you should contact either the local student enquiry desk or the staff support desk.



Modified 30/08/2016