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Returning to the Office FAQ

Returning to the office post lockdown - Frequently Asked Questions

As of 19 July 2021, University guidance is that staff are expected to be working from campus as their main place of work. Technology and Information Services (TIS) assumption therefore is that all staff members' primary place of work will be on campus / their office on site.

The information below provides guidance regarding what equipment will be provided.

New Starters

New starters will be catered for by the line manager raising a request for the required equipment. This equipment will be deployed to the staff member's place of work (office) on campus.

Requests from existing staff to swap from desktop computers to laptops

Staff allocated desktops who are now intending to split their week between work and home will need to work flexibly.

Therefore, staff will raise a request to change from a desktop to a laptop. When handling these requests, equipment will be deployed to the staff member's primary place of work on campus. Note we are only able to supply one set of peripherals for this request (1 or 2 monitors, docking station, keyboard and mouse). Please see below for further information.

The desktop PC and any unused peripherals must be returned to stock.

Requests for additional equipment for a staff member's secondary place of work

TIS is unable to supply additional equipment for a staff member's second place of work (e.g. their home). If a staff member feels they need additional equipment for their second work location, we recommend that a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment is carried out for their second work location.

To arrange a DSE assessment please contact your faculty/department based DSE advisor.

Any hardware recommendations based off the outcome of this assessment must then be purchased by the department / faculty that the staff member works for. Appropriate budgetary authority must be sought for this within the faculty / department.

TIS has information regarding what monitors, docking stations, keyboards and mice can be ordered from our supplier (Getech).

Please ensure additional IT equipment is purchased through our approved supplier, Getech. TIS can provide further details and pricing.

Equipment list / Cost

The preferred supplier of PC equipment is Getech, the following is from their price list of hardware.

22" Monitor: Lenovo ThinkVision T22i 10 Monitor (61A9MAT1UK)
£103.95 ex VAT

Lenovo Dock Keyboard and Mouse Accessory Bundle (BUNDLE-458) (includes keyboard and mouse)
£123.75 ex VAT

£49.95 ex VAT

 NOTE: Prices are correct as of June 2021 - Prices are expected to increase over time.

Ordering from the supplier

Please note that when an order is placed with Getech, supply may be constrained for the equipment due to the situation caused by the pandemic with global chip shortages. This affects not only computers, but monitors and docking stations. Lead times for some hardware may run into days and sometimes weeks of delay.

Hot Desks / Hot Desking

Hot Desking is where a faculty/department has a shared space where staff with laptops can connect their laptop to a docking station with a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

TIS will provide additional equipment for 'Hot desk' scenarios on campus. TIS will provide monitors, docking stations, keyboards and mice in this situation. Staff working from Hot Desks will be required to bring in their laptop from home.

The number of Hot Desks setup in an area is dependent on the number of staff working in that area. It is not possible for there to be 1 Hot Desk for each member of staff. Hot Desk areas should be shared by staff working within the faculty/department.

Staff working from Hot Desks are expected to clean the equipment after use as per COVID-19 guidelines. If a cleaning station is required, please contact the Estates Helpdesk.


TIS are unable to supply headsets for use with Zoom, Teams or Cisco Jabber.

Faculties/departments should source headsets from an approved supplier (E.g. Primo IT).

We recommend the purchase of USB headsets with built in earphones and microphone.




Modified 28/06/2021