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Setting up Moodle Courses

This page contains useful information for staff looking to set up new courses in Moodle.

There are a number of guides linked below for the most common requests when setting up new courses.

Getting Started

The main page for getting started with Moodle is located here within Moodle. The guide includes lots of useful information such as:

Adding teachers and other staff to your Moodle course

Changing the course format

Import content from one Moodle course to another

Guides for managing content within the resource store

An overarching guide is available here within Moodle.

This guide contains information such as:

Uploading content to the teaching and learning collection

Linking to existing resources

Replacing a file stored in the resource store

Editing a resource attachment (e.g. a word document)


Setting up an Assignment (eSubmission)

Help on setting up assignments can be found within Moodle here.

Answers to common queries around setting up assignments are directly linked below.

How to setup an eSubmission Assignment

Creating groups


Shared content courses

Information on shared content courses and how to request them can be found here.

A shared content course can be requested if you need to teach the same content across more than one module course. For example, you may have the same course being delivered in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro and do not want to duplicate the content.


Subject view courses

Information on subject view courses and how to request them are available here.

Subject view courses can be requested when information is required for broad subject areas.  A good example is a lab technician in a school requires students to complete some preparatory work in order to use lab equipment safely.  The course is required across several programmes and modules in that faculty or school and needs to be visible to all students to complete.




Modified 24/02/2020