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Printing (Multi-functional devices)

All print-copy-scan devices in student and staff areas have been replaced with Ricoh devices. 

How do I connect my computer to the new Ricoh multi-functional device?


On all University managed student Windows and Mac devices the Ricoh print queue will already be set as the default printer

If you have a personal:
  • Windows device, see the file 'Wireless_Printing_Guide(Windows).pdf' in the 'attachments' section below.

  • Mac device, see the file 'Wireless_Printing_Guide(MAC).pdf' in the 'attachments' section below.


If you have a:
  • University managed Windows desktop or laptop computer - The \\myprint\print queue is already deployed to your device, see the file 'UpdatingPrintQueues.pdf' in the 'attachments' section below for details on how to set this printer as the default.
  • Personal Windows computer, see the file 'Wireless_Printing_Guide(Windows).pdf in the 'attachments' section below.
  • University managed Mac:
    Open "self service" application whilst on the university network
    Select "Ricoh Follow Me Printing" on the left, then "install" on the Ricoh title for Staff Ricoh Printer
    You will need to remove your previous printer first, you will be prompted to do this after clicking install.
  • University unmanaged / personal Mac - see the file 'Wireless_Printing_Guide(MAC).pdf' in the 'attachments' section below.

  • Linux users – see the file Printing_Guide(Linux).pdf in the ‘attachments’ section below.

 Mobile Print

Mobile print allows both students and staff to upload print jobs from any browser, as an email attachment or through an app on iOS or Android devices and release the print jobs at any printer across the university, see the Mobile_Print_Guide.pdf in the attachments section below. 



How do I order new toner and consumables?
The Ricoh devices auto order the toner, however to start this process the first toner must be replaced by our engineer. You will be notified when to order a new toner on the machine, in this first instance please log in the normal way and this will be delivered and replaced for you. Once this has happened, the device will order the toners automatically and deliver them to your usual collection place, you can then replace them yourself.

Note: Please do not under any circumstances swap toners on machines; the toners are micro-chipped to work with a specific device and therefore if this is changed the machine will no longer work and may be damaged. 

How do I connect to an Unmanaged MAC for staff/students?
See attachments below.

How do I print wirelessly?
See attachments below.

Can I log in to the printer without having my staff/student card?
Yes, you can type in either your username or card number, followed by your password.

I have an Associate Staff Card will I need to get it registered to use the new printers? 
Yes all associate cards starting with card number 008 will have to be registered via the Support Desk.

I have an apostrophe\hyphen in my name do I need to contact the Service Desk to confirm it can be used on the new printers? 
Yes, it is advisable to contact the Customer Support Desk, as there have been issues with users having these in their names.

What is the retention time of a print job?
It is 24 hours.

Default print goes to colour/single sided
This was an issue in some areas but this has now been rectified, but will not update any existing queues.  If your default settings are incorrect, go to ‘Devices and Printers’ > right click on the print queue > click ‘remove device’.  You can then re-add the print queue, which will now have the correct default settings.

How do I print from Linux?
For staff wishing to print from Linux please see the instructions below ‘Printing_Guide(Linux).pdf’

Is it possible for items that are printed to remain there in case I’ve printed on the wrong paper or need a letterhead etc.?
Unfortunately, this is not possible as we would have to set this for all, and it would lead to issues with storage capacity. You would need to print the item again if required.

How can I print an A5 booklet?
You can print from A4 to produce an A5 booklet by putting the paper into the feeder short edge first.

Why am I no longer able to print from USB?
Printing from USB memory stick is not something that’s supported on the new printers, it poses high security risk and although was possible on some of the old canon staff devices, it was not encouraged or supported.

I’m having issues when Scanning to USB?
When selecting Scan to USB, if you get the message ‘You do not have the privileges to use this function’, this will be due to the fact you have not swiped your ID card, you must swipe your card before using this feature.

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Modified 25/04/2019