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Mobile Application Services

 Mobile Application Services



The provision of application services that have the functionality to be used on mobile devices, or the use of the University network in which to consume them.



Students and staff can request the use of various applications and download to access Plymouth University services, such as Office365, Pebblepocket or CampusM.

PebblePocket is an application powered by PebblePad that lets you quickly create assets on the go. It allows you to edit and save the mobile assets on your device and send them to your Pebble+ asset store.

The CampusM mobile platform offers a portfolio of mobile applications to provide University information  to smartphone and tablet devices.



Experienced IT staff are available as your first point of contact for support and advice on all things relating to supported IT services Monday to Friday 0800 hours to 1800 hours*

We encourage staff and students to report issues and ask for services online via:itselfservice.plymouth.ac.uk

Alternatively, support can be contacted on 01752 588588

Outside these hours, telephone calls are transferred to an out-of-hours support team who can offer assistance for common IT issues or record and escalate more complex queries for attention during core office hours.

For students we also offer a 24 hour (term-time) Library based walk-in and telephone support desk for IT enquiries. These may resolved at point of contact or logged for resolution during the working week.

We offer 24 hour support for disruption to CampusM (see Service Components list below)

*excluding Bank Holidays and other University occasional holiday dates.


Service Owner:

TIS Operations Manager

TIS Support Manager


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Service Components:








Modified 07/01/2020