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Inter Library Loans Policy

Library and Digital Support Inter-Library Loans Policy for University of Plymouth Students and Staff.

·         Library and Digital Support will supply Inter-Library Loans (ILLs) to:- 

o   University staff

o   Postgraduate researchers of the University

o   Taught Postgraduates registered to the University

o   Stage 3 Undergraduates of the University researching for their dissertation.
Please note: ILLs will not normally be obtained for Stage 1 or 2 Undergraduates unless there are exceptional circumstances. In these cases the approval of the relevant Information Specialist should be sought first and supplied in writing (email).

·         Students of Partner Colleges should contact their college Library for details of local ILL provision.

·         Library and Digital Support will normally supply ILLs free of charge to University staff and students.

·         There is no limit at present on the number of ILLs that may be applied for. However, there is a considerable cost per request to the library for ILLs, and staff and students should be selective about what they apply for. Request numbers considered to be excessive may be queried and the Library reserves the right to refuse requests, dependent on circumstances.

·         Materials will be supplied only if legally compliant with Copyright regulations, and the format supplied (print or digital) will depend on availability.

·         The Library will request items in the first instance from the British Library. If the British Library cannot supply, Library and Digital Support will attempt to source it from other UK libraries. This will take more time and success cannot be guaranteed.

·         ILL Borrowers will be charged for any renewals. The current charge of £5.45 will be reviewed every year and aligned with standard British Library renewal charges.

·         There is a £15 ‘failure to collect’ fee, which will be added to the borrower’s library account if they fail to collect the physical book or journal request from the library.

·         Lost inter library loan books from the British Library will be charged at a minimum of £185.50. Other suppliers may charge different fees. These may be able to be refunded, minus an administration fee, if the lost item is returned within six weeks. 

·         Library and Digital Support will not source materials from institutions outside the UK.

·         Some requests may be referred to Information Specialists and considered for purchase if circumstances warrant it. Likewise, if a request is made that falls outside the guidelines and procedures stated above, special permission in writing (email) from the relevant Information Specialist will be required in order to proceed with the request. 

·         ILL books should be returned to staff at the Information desk, on Level 1 of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library, and not through the self-return machines or red returns bin.

Modified 06/09/2021