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Student IT Support Policy

Our aim: The Library and Digital Support team (LDS) is committed to providing a high quality service.

Our services are designed on a self-service basis, and our aim is to enable students to develop as independent learners and researchers. Users are expected to take full advantage of these available self-service resources and digital services, but we also know that there are times when more individual help is required.

Support available: The Library and Digital Support team are based on level 1 as you enter the Charles Seale-Hayne Library and at the Peninsula Allied Health Centre (PAHC), providing the following IT support services for students.

 We will provide:

1. Assistance in connecting to University of Plymouth Wi-Fi (Eduroam).

2. Assistance with setting up your University of Plymouth email account on your devices.

3.  Signposting to appropriate guidance on the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) and Moodle.

4. Help with accessing electronic and digital resources and locating books on the shelves.

5. Signposting to guidance on virus and malware removal.

6. Assistance with printing, copying and scanning.

7. Signposting to appropriate guidance for MS Office and other University provided software systems (including Software and services for working from home and Technology for learning software).

8.  Advice with problems with your computing and print account (e.g. password changes) online enrolment and library account.

9. Advice on Apple products is limited to assistance with installing University provided software.

We will endeavour to resolve your issue in line with our stated  service offer, but we cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved. Your query may be logged for escalation to the University IT Service team. 

We cannot: 

  • Provide IT Support to University Halls of Residence.

            If you call us about this, we will diagnose and most likely open a support call for the RESNET team to investigate

  • Provide AV Support to teaching rooms or elsewhere on campus.

        We do not support this area, but can transfer you to the TIS Technical Services team or you can contact directly on 01752 588588 (Select Staff option)

  • Provide an IT enquiry service to visitors and members of the public.

            We only support enquiries about connectivity to Eduroam and guest Wi-Fi. 

  • Provide support for Faculty/ School specific software or make changes to the student record system.

            We do not support Faculty/ School specific software, but can direct your enquiry to the relevant support team. 

  • Provide marks for modules, transcripts of results or add students to modules.

            We do not provide support on student assessment but can transfer you to your Faculty for support and advice. 

  • Install operating systems, lend disks for installation or provide advice on repairs or hardware faults for personal devices or computing systems. 

 The user is responsible for ensuring that all work is backed up. We cannot be responsible for data loss.


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Modified 05/05/2021